About Us


Our mission is to cook your meat to its best possible deliciousness. Charring and sizzling, everything in the kitchen at Meatlicious revolves around wood-fired grills, except the one and only electric device— the sous-vide machine—which is there to tenderize the meat without losing all the flavors and the juice. Elsewhere, our chefs bake, grill and fry everything using wood fire, from meat cooked a la plancha and on Argentine grate to the wood fire oven-burnt ice cream.

Our Kitchen

Cooking with wood fire is among the best earliest innovations in human’s culinary history. From that, we’ve developed a whole bunch more to help us cook our food, more easily, more quickly and more conveniently. To us, the fun from those modern world technologies can’t compare to the good ol’ primitive cooking. And that’s why we stick to what makes us happy, which also results in the flavors that please your palates better.

Our Chef’s Table

We value the wood-fire cooking for the unique taste it delivers, not to mention charming smokey aroma, luring color of burnt surface and all the char and the sizzle in the process. Sounds enjoyable? Our team enjoys the play with all the wood-fire equipments so much we can’t keep it to ourselves. And what’s the better way to share that with you than making it an open kitchen? The seven-seater chef’s table right in front of the cooking stations provides the best views for you to sit and watch us perform live. We do believe this kind of experience you get from the the chefs can take your meal to the next level.


Our Food

We source superior breeds of beef from across the world, including Argentina, Japan and Australia. But that’s not all we have to offer. Do expect our takes on fish, lamb, clams and other ingredients we see on our journeys and find exciting. Also, keep your eyes on our rotating specials for something new!


Our Chefs

Jorge B. Grande Ordoñez

With his stints in several countries across Latin America, the chef draws on his wide and various food experience to the meat-heavy kitchen. He’s also the butcher behind those beautiful cuts you get.

Carlos Rodriguez

Not only does he know how to cook great food, but the Venezuelan chef’s hotel and tourism management background also allows him to see better on how to manage dishes for diners’ best satisfaction.